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        Before you went to the United States, you promised your parents that you would write once a week, yet since then, you have failed to keep your promise. Write a letter to them explaining why it has been impossible for you to write more often . Do not write more than 100 words.

        Hints: You have been too busy since you arrived there.

        The post office is rather far away from your schoolyard.

        You have not got any achievements that you can write to tell them.

        You Promise that from now on you can write to them more often .

        Your name: Chou Feng(周锋)

        Your address: 316 Evergreen St. Freedom City, Ohio, U. S. A.

        The date of your letter: July 2, 1989

        A Letter to Parents

        316 Evergreen St.

        Freedom City, Ohio

        U. S. A.

        July 2, 1989

        Dear Parents,

        It has been so long since I left home and came to the United States. Everything is getting on well with me. How about you? I promised to write to you once a week when I left home. But my busy study prevented me from doing so. Please forgive me for not being able to keep my promise.

        In fact, I have been very busy since I came to the U. S. , and I even have no important news to tell you,for I have no remarkable achievements up to now. What's more, the post office is rather far away from here. I hope you will forgive me.

        I will write to you again soon

        Yours loving son,

        Chou Feng



        请用英语简要地写《守株待兔》的故事,以刊登在我国对外发行的某英文刊物上,词数:80-100词。 故事大意:宋人有耕者,田中有株(stump),兔走触株,折颈而死。捡之甚喜,随后弃农而守株。一年后,田地荒芜,终不再获,而身为宋国笑。

        Lying by the Tree to wait for

        Once upon a time there was a farmer who worked hard in the fields every day.One day,while he was ploughing the fields,he heard a bumping sound.He saw a rabbit lying by the trunk.He picked it up and found that it was a fat rabbit.He thought to himself,"Since it is so easy to get a rabbit like that,why should I work so hard all daylong?'!He threw his hoe away and lay by the tree every day,dreaming for more rabbits to come.When he finally realized his foolishness and returned to his fields,he found that all his crops were dead.The story tells us that we should not wait for unexpected gains by trusting chance and luck.Or,we should not hope to get rewards without hard work.








        Dear Mr. Wang Sept. 15 th

        I'm very sorry I have to ask for a three-day leave. My mother has fallen ill and is having a high fever. She is in hospital now and needs looking after. My father happens to be away in Wuhan on business, so I have to go back to tend my sick mother, I'll be back to school as soon as possible and make up for my missing lessons.

        Thank you

        Li Hua







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