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        我是我自己的阳光I Am My Sunshine

        A very old song tells us that "you are my sunshine".


        It’s all right to believe that someone brings sunshine into your life. That someone might have enough to spread1 round. But, if you really have to wait for someone else to be your sunshine, your good feelings, then you might wait for a long time.


        Now is the time to be of good cheer, this very moment. Don’t wait for anyone else to determine your mood. You have completely control4 of your own disposition5. You have the choice. There is no other way.


        Your present moment of good cheer will carry you to the next, and you will be in control of that moment also. You are worth6 having good. Go for it!




        Why do you spend your time in sadness? Know that you are the source of all happiness.


        Why do you spend your days in fear? Know that your mere sight can make difficulties duanwenw.com disappear. Why do you cry and ask for help?


        Know that you are the best man for your own help. Why do you feel so weak and helpless? Know that you are, in all sides, matchless. Why do you feel so depressed?


        Know that you are the blessed. Why do you feel so stressed? Know that you can have anything at duanwenw.com your orders. Why don’t you act on opportunities? Know that you can go through all disasters. Why don’t you live life to the full? Know that there is no point in being dull. Why do you doubt your talent and skill? Know that you can achieve anything with your incredible will. Why do you spend life feeling so miserable4?Know that no matter what, your soul is indestructible.



        People always say that we are lacking of the eyes of realizing the beauty in life. I can't agree with it anymore. Last week, I woke up very early in the morning, so I decided to take a walk. The street was very quiet and there were many old people dancing in the square. Without many cars, I realized the city looked so clean and beautiful. Some coffee shops decorates so well, which attrated my eyes. The city was coverd by the green trees, which made it a green city. I liked this feeling so much. At this moment, I found the city was so lovely, I just ingored its beauty usually.



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